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USB-1036 Programmable Delay Timer


USB-1036 Ignition Sensing Programmable Delay Timer


USB-1036 Delay Timer Wiring Diagram

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USB-1036 Host Software

Itiem: USB-1036 Ignition
Sensing Delay Timer

Price: $220.00

Unit Quantity:

  • Programmable via USB for selecting and adjusting time delay
  • Built-in diagnostic red Led indicates timing functions active when flashing; green LED indicated power on
  • Emergency reset button provides a convenient way to restore power to your equipment by holding the button for 10 seconds
  • Engineered electronically for reverse polarity protection
  • Potted compound construction. Solid state, seal against vibration and moisture
  • Easy external connection with .250 male tab mating with .250 female disconnect
  • Delay time range: from 1 second to 8 hours. Tolerance plus (+) or minus (-) 10%
  • Allow 3-5 seconds for delay on break at ignition switch connection for delay activation
  • For installation, connect read wire (+) to the battery positive post, and black wire to battery (-) negative post. Connect the blue wire to the ignition switch to AM/FM radio or cigarette lighter.

Technical Specifications

Length 4 in.
Width 2 in.
Height 1.5 in.
Mounting Hole Center 3.5in with #6 screws
Weight 6 oz.
Enclosure Material Impact Resistant ABS thermoplastic

Electrical Specifications

Load Current Rate 30 amps 12 VDC
Operating Voltage 10 VDC min - 18 VDC max
Ignition Switch Trigger 10.4 - 15.0 VDC, 10mA
Low Voltage Disconnect 10.5
Over Voltage Disconnect 17 volts
Operating Temperature -40 F to +185 F
Stand-by Current 6 mA
Operating Current 100 mA

Caution: An appropriate size fuse circuit breaker must be used to ensure safety.